We emerge from the same dream: connect & embrace. ALMA KAFFEE embodies the energy that flows through the rivers and canalizes on the streets through art, movement and the capacity of creating.


From the heart of the valleys of Ecuador, Alma Kaffee offers you a specialty coffee that breaks new ground. More than just savoring coffee and tasting its flavor notes, it is an artistic and creative experience for your daily activities.

Our mission is to channel the electrifying energy of the mountains, transforming it into inspiration that overflows in our artistic events, creative spaces, and within our vibrant community. Alma Kaffee is not just coffee, it’s an explosion of creativity and energy.

Our coffee, carefully cultivated in the majestic lands of the Andes, reflects the richness and tradition of the region. We invite you to explore the authenticity of this exceptional coffee.


At Alma Kaffee, we are passionate about excellence in every cup, and our washed coffee process highlights the purity and quality of each bean, resulting in a clean and vibrant taste experience. Each sip allows the intense notes of the coffee to shine through, characterized by its perfectly balanced high acidity, resulting in a coffee with floral and fruity notes. The washed coffee process unlocks the ability to reveal a unique composition in every cup.

This is, ALMA KAFFEE a handpicked blend brought directly from the Andes. Now, take a sip and Kaffee your days.